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Cherie Lee Creations

Carving, Engraving, Sculpture

Cherie Lee Creations

New York based artist carves and engraves real eggshells into intricate and delacte creations    for no good reason that we can figure out, but we let her do it because it seems to make her happy and keeps her calm --- and we really really, really do prefer her calm.  Really.  Shes a beast.

Save a life - send drill bits!


Love them?  Hate them?  Have lot's of questions, but don't even know where to start?  Yeah, I get it.  Me too.  Comment or Ask away, I'm not afraid of you, or your probing insighful questions that make me shine a harsh bright light on my deep dark shadowy compulsions of bizzarity!  

Ahem - sorry, I got distracted... now what were you saying?


Fellow Egger?  Wow.  Welcome!  I never knew you guys existed back when I started doing this, so I'd love to talk to every single one of you to find out how *you* caught the crazy.  Maybe you can help with my symptoms


Supplier?  Oh please contact me!  Always looking for reliable contacts in this weirld little microcosm we've chosen...especially if you happen to lay large strong eggs, but don't really want to start a family yet, so you don't let your man fertalize them right away, at least not until you both have your careers set; or you're the kind of person who, just as a spare-time hobby kind of thing, likes to mass produce tiny little diamond drill bits, and happens to have a surplus stock you simply must rid yourself of, in a hurry.  Either way, I'm here to help


Copy Writer or Web Site Designer?  You *know* you need to sit me down for a stern talking to.  I'll be a good girl and listen

Because we love bread

Our bakery is THE place for local gourmets to go shopping. Traditional artisan baking, the best ingredients and a wide variety of fresh products result in delicious baked goods that are part of a healthy diet. On the following pages, you can find information about our bakery and what we offer. We would love if you came by and let the taste and smell of our fresh baked goods win you over!

Rhea Egg Gallery

Ostrich Egg Gallery

Nobody Here but us Chickens

All Artists Need Patrons!

You can support the arts, and promote the independance and well-being of fellow neighbor Americans by beings a Patron.

Patronage can be on any level - from free but liberal sharing of images, links and word-of-mouth appreciation, to donations in the form of supplies, or funding.


Supplies are always needed: 


         Drill bits can be donated for as little as $2.00 a piece.  Here is a convenient link to some of my most used ones


         Eggshells are my main commodity - and can be costly and one crack ends it.  Heres another convenient link to  donate an egg


         Funding for the arts is a dying thing, but it's how art has worked from the start - you dont think Michalango had his own semi-precious Lapis Lazuli to crush up for paint, do you?  Artist dont make any money, but you cant produce without materials.  Seriously, donate to an artist - any artist of any kind - just a little goes such a long way.


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