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Introducing The R.A.N.T. & R.A.V.E.

Welcome to The R.A.N.T. & R.A.V.E., a pioneering non-profit initiative dedicated to addressing the culturally endemic crisis of child abuse, neglect, and trauma through the transformative power of art and community engagement.

The Problem

Abuse wounds society long after the original perpetrator and victim have passed. It affects families, communities, and has a profound impact on society as a whole. Every year, seven and a half million survivors become adults, facing elevated risks of suicide, incarceration, and shortened life expectancies, amounting to an estimated societal cost of $585 billion...annually.

The Solution

The R.A.N.T.: More than a pop-up art installation, The R.A.N.T. challenges us to recognize and confront abuse, neglect, and trauma. Through immersive, multimedia galleries featuring works from local survivors, artists, and communities, The R.A.N.T. invites visitors to empathize and engage deeply. These exhibitions aim not only to raise awareness but also to dispel myths and foster understanding of the complex issues surrounding childhood trauma.

The R.A.V.E. Program: Complementing The R.A.N.T., this program curates successive exhibitions in collaboration with local Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) and communities. By co-creating these galleries with impacted families, The R.A.V.E. ensures their voices are heard authentically. This approach empowers survivors, builds community support networks, and offers hope to unreported victims.

Impact and Vision

The inaugural R.A.N.T. Exhibition is scheduled to launch in April 2025, coinciding with National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This annual event will travel to venues across the northeast, maximizing visibility and outreach. By presenting a diverse range of artistic expressions, the exhibition aims to inspire action and advocacy against child abuse and neglect.

Value Propositions

  • Raise Awareness: Educate the public about the realities of abuse and neglect.

  • Strengthen Community Engagement: Foster dialogue and support within communities.

  • Share Prevention Strategies: Equip communities with resources to prevent and respond to abuse.

  • Co-Creation: Elevate the voices of survivors and families through collaborative exhibitions.

  • Promote Annual Events: Align with national campaigns to amplify impact.

Why Choose R.A.N.T. & R.A.V.E.?

Our trauma-informed approach ensures that every aspect of our exhibitions respects the dignity and experiences of survivors. Unlike traditional methods, R.A.N.T. & R.A.V.E. empowers families and children to educate their communities, driving sustainable change from within.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Recognize Abuse, Neglect, and Trauma. Respect And Value Everyone. Together, let's R.A.N.T. against abuse and R.A.V.E. for the future!

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Explore more about our initiative and how you can get involved in our mission to heal and educate through art and advocacy.

Aware & Alert


500 Terry Francine Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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