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"Holding It Together" Series

"It's Just a Scratch"

Question: what do you do when all is lost? Hint: there is no band-aide}

"It's Just a Scratch", my second carved ostrich egg and the first in this series, was a highly personal redemption piece.  Scratched out with only a household Dremmel and sandpaper (my fingers bled and several nailbeds wore away), this piece became my pledge, and I vowed to keep going.

The 'Band-Aids' are nothing more than the outer shell, when all else has been worn down. 

"Slippin' a Stitch"

Continuing the series "Holding It Together", I start playing with depth and texture more deeply. The over/under effect of the laces, the in & out of the gold-leafed grommets, a curled up corner or slight ripple beneath the surface --- I'm just beginning to test the boundaries of this endlessly fascinating medium & this delightfully powerful tool.

"Seeking Safety"

Third in the "Holding it Together" series,  "Seeking Safety" is the first piece created after painstakingly obtaining my new drill, and continues the exploration of finding the balance of strength and fragility while contending with notions of, 'how far can something be pushed before breaking?' or 'how much can be taken away, before all integrity is lost?' 


Antiqued silverleaf accents reflect an ago-old sentiment.

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