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Breaking Down

A story of strength and weakness in two distinct chapters

While perhaps a portfolio faux pas, the following summarization is presented in a general progression, and in no way represents the complete collection.

Chapter 1 --- Breaking Down

When Your World Crashes Down...

'One of a Kind' by Cherie Lee - 4 of 4_e

Please click on each piece to learn more

Carved Ostrich Eggshell by CherieLee 06_

"This might all sound foreign to you, but,

let the madness begin:"

"It's just a scratch,

A little road rash,

But I'm holding it together..."

'It's Just a Scratch' by Cherie Lee.jpg
CherieLee - 04 - Slipping a Stitch - (Holding it Together series).jpg

"...Don't mean to bitch,

But I'm slippin' a stitch,

I feel I could untether..."

"...Won't lose it yet,

But could use a safety net.

It's coming apart completely..."

'Seeking Safety' by Cherie Lee.jpg
icon egg broken.png

"It's too late.

Broken by fate.

How did it defeat me?"

"Disability" (three-piece series - shown incomplete)

"This is RSD.

This is me.

"Body", "Mind", and 'Soul".

I hope you never understand,

But showing is the goal."

The barbs that sting

At every turn

Never loosen, only tighten.

Wrap firmest 'round those long-gone things

You once sought your delight in.

Disability;  Mind - Cherie Lee.jpg

"Disability – Mind" (not yet properly photographed)

"Walls and chains​

are what remains

And losses reverberate.

When no one understands your words

They serve to isolate."

"Surrender is the hardest thing
to let yourself accept:
Letting go of the life
That you once loved and kept."

'Shell of Shells' by Cherie Lee - view 3 of 4.jpg

"Shell of Shells"
(shown whole and broken)

"There's not a lot to do,

there's even less to say.

What's gone or lost

or never was

Can't stand in your way."

"Into each life some rain must fall.

No mud: no lotus"

No Mud, No Lotus - Cherie Lee.jpg

"The cracks are where the light shines through."

"I'll figure it out.

I always do."

'Puzzled' by Cherie Lee.jpg
The Way Back Machine - Cherie Lee.jpg

"I'll turn back time..."

"Reclaim myself."

Outside the Nest - Cherie Lee.jpg

"I'll leave this nest..."

"...and find my community."

Bethany Bees 5.jpg
A Quick Note - Cherie Lee

"...and I'll sing!"

"...and I'll dance!"

'Listen' 02 - Cherie Lee.jpg
Taking Notes 2.jpg

"...and I'll sing!"

"...and I'll dance!"

Uplifted - Cherie Lee.jpg
Greek Yearn - Cherie Lee.jpg

"...and I'll find my voice!"

"I'm going to conquer the world!"

The World 01.jpg



   ...What happened?"

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