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"A Glimpse at Mental Illness"

Mental glow.jpg

Pleasedon'tbreakPleasedon'tbreakPleasedon'tbreakIneedyou...No!  No, I can fix this!  It's Ok, I can fix this, don't'll be better than ever, you'll see...It'll be'll be will

"A Glimpse at Mental Illness" is what was happening at the time. 


Sometimes considered the finale to the "Holding It Together Series", right when it was about to become something else, "A Glimpse at Mental Illness"  was, preciously, the fourth and final eggshell I owned.  I knew I had to do something spectacular with it, if I were going to be able to continue this work.  One last beautiful, blank canvas, ready and needing to make a splash...

...and I dropped it. I dropped the ball.

I was no longer holding it together, and it all crashed down.

Like a madwoman, feeling like Jackie O reaching out for fragments (for the second time in my life), all I could think was, "I can fix this.  I can put it back together..."

When illuminated from the inside, the cracks are where the light shines through

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