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"Over the Brink/the Globe"

One of a Kind - Cherie Lee.jpg

"The perfect size
and the perfect shape
organically forming
a perfect landscape.
The life within,
a single race,
dependent on sharing
the beautiful space.
The wisdom of ages
the wonders of art
singular components
of our Big Bang start.
But a little plastic man,
who's been here but a blink,
seems hell-bent on pushing it
right over the brink."

Among the first half-dozen carved ostrich shells completed, "Globe [a.k.a. Over the Brink]" was an exercise in lines, spacing, and strength of material.

Here is where I begin putting the eggshell, the drill and my own abilities to the test, and starting to discover just how far each of these things can be pushed.  (spoiler alert:  we've barely begun)

Start World 01 - Cherie Lee_edited.jpg
'The Brink' poem and carved eggshell by Cherie Lee.jpg

Chicken eggs 'nested' inside carved rhea eggs, "It Takes a Village" and "Unnamed"

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