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"Outside the Nest"

Outside the nest

There's wheat and weeds.

Seeds and reeds.

Wishes and deeds.

Outside the nest

There's friends and foes.

And no one knows

When one comes or goes.

Outside the nest

There's flowers and rocks.

Stumps and blocks.

And floundering flocks.


But outside the nest

Whether near or afar

With your feet free of tar

You'll find who you are.

So leave that small nest

And soar all around

There's so much more ground

That wants to be found.

Fly far and learn much.

Treat life as a quest.

Shun bad and keep best

And go build a new nest. 

The ability of this material to hold as much detail as you can put into it becomes an inevitable slide in exploring shallow (really shallow!) bas relief, and this initial dabbling in that artform was bolstered by added dimension when I incorporated brown antiquing dye on only the carved 'nest' at the bottom of the egg.


"Outside the Nest" is an early example of <ahem> 'nesting' the shells, as this piece includes two 'opened' chicken eggshells inside.  

Outside the Nest - Cherie Lee - reverse.jpg
Outside the Nest - Cherie Lee - alternate view.jpg
Proposed Project in Progress.gif
Work in progress - CherieLee.jpg
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