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"A Delicate Note"

Freshly carved

Freshly dyed

Curious about the structural differences in the various layers of the eggshell, I started playing with how the different surfaces 'took' dyes and stains. 

Here, "A Delicate Note" helped me understand the structure of the structure:  how the tough outer shell (called the cuticle) received or resisted differently than the more porous inner shell, and how the thinnest inner lining, the membrane, added the most strength (resistance plus flexibility) to it all.

I didn't know it at the time, but this was my first hint of the unique iridescent qualities of the outer cuticle.  This property of material will starkly arise later, by pure accident, and pique an interest and theory of speculation resulting in on-going experiments.  Oh! How I love the science of art!

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